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Top 7 Startups in Münster

By Angela Gjorgjijoska

The startup scene in Münster is buzzing with some really cool and dynamic startups that are making the city a hotspot for innovation and entrepreneurship. Ready to check out the top startups Münster has to offer? Here are 7 absolute game-changers you need to keep an eye on.



Echometer is changing the game when it comes to how companies collaborate. They’ve got this awesome online tool that’s based on psychology. It turns employee surveys into a tool for managing change, putting employees right in the center of things because, let’s be honest, they know the company’s ins and outs. Echometer helps you spot areas for improvement early on and impress your coaching success with clear metrics in things like team maturity, happiness, or agility.


Medi-Tech Innovations 

Medi-Tech Innovations: These folks are all about cutting-edge medical devices. Their innovative products are pushing the boundaries of medical technology and improving healthcare.


E-Mobility Solutions

With environmental concerns on the rise and Tesla’s electric car domination, electric mobility is the talk of the town. Mobility Solutions Münster is crafting innovative solutions for electric vehicles, making a significant contribution to reducing CO2 emissions.



Tretty offers companies and their employees a sustainable, cost-effective, and health-promoting mobility solution. They’re all about reducing CO2 emissions and improving the climate balance while shaping the future of mobility.


Liefergrün Münster

Liefergrün Münster is an up-and-coming startup in Münster specializing in sustainable and eco-friendly delivery services. Their goal is to reduce the environmental impact of deliveries in the city. They’re all about offering a green alternative to traditional delivery services, with a focus on bike couriers and electric vehicles.



LEMON.MARKETS is a competitive fintech startup based in Münster, specializing in stock and securities trading. Their mission is to make financial markets accessible to everyone and create investment opportunities for all types of investors.



HERBSOM is a Münster-based startup specializing in herbal and plant care. They’re all about providing natural and sustainable health and well-being solutions through the use of medicinal herbs and plants.


These 7 startups are just a glimpse into the thriving startup scene in Münster. Have you heard about our POHA House in Münster? We’re creating a vibrant community feel for you in the trendy Hansaviertel. Furnished apartments, studios, shared workspaces, events, and get-togethers – we’ve got it all to make your stay a unique experience.

Top 7 Startups in Münster

Angela Gjorgjijoska

23rd October 2023



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