POHA House Aachen Büchel opening December 1st! 🎉
POHA House Aachen Büchel opening December 1st! 🎉

POHA House Aachen Preuswald

The perfect balance of nature, community living, and easy access to the city centre.

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POHA House Preuswald is a freshly renovated building comfortably located away from the hustle of the city, surrounded by a calming forest. You’ll live far enough from the city to enjoy the nature, but not too far to be inconvenient. Sounds like exactly what you’ve been looking for? 

Inside, you can choose from a variety of 1-3 bedroom flats, studios and flatshares all furnished with exactly what you’ll need to settle in and create a home. Find yourself a comfy spot to read a book or work from the POHA Space. Host a party or relax with friends at the end of a long day, all conveniently under one roof. 

Outside, you’ll have immediate access to the surrounding forest with walking and biking trails, a ropes course and playground. Easily walk or cycle to the market, do some morning yoga on the grass or simply enjoy the fresh air from your balcony. 

If you decide to head into the city centre you’re welcome at POHA House Theaterplatz where you can access the POHA Office and Community Space with gorgeous views of the city. 

Community Spaces Launch: Q2 2024

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POHA House Aachen Preuswald
Altenberger Straße 4,
52074 Aachen


02418 9435525

Getting around

Bus Station Aachen Preuswald Bushof (3 min walk)
Aachen Central Station (20 min by bus)

Places nearby

Kletterwald Aachen (Ropes Course) (15 min walk)
Biking trails through the forest next door (0 min walk)
Sportplatz (for a convenient outdoor workout)  (5 min walk)


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Long-term living

Choose the perfect furnished flat, studio or flatshare for you with access to indoor and outdoor community spaces with calming views from every window.

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POHA Resident


As more and more people aspire to live in the city, I believe innovative communal living concepts are essential. Living in POHA House is simple and comfortable, while the community management fosters the social aspect of living together. The international and diverse residents are what, for me, adds a significant charm to POHA. I can easily envision myself living here in the long term.

POHA Resident


Living here is really nice! It’s like a huge shared apartment, with the advantage that you don’t just have one room, but a whole house as a retreat. The events that take place regularly are super varied and make sure that you get to know each other well. I can recommend it to people who are new in Münster and want to find a connection!

POHA Resident


The perfect mix of shared apartment and living alone. More cool people are moving in here right now that you can get to know so quickly, and there are awesome events all the time. The prices only seem high if you don’t know what’s in there. Terrace, movie room, yoga room, now and then breakfast, pizza, ice cream or beer… and a super dear team 😉