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Get inspired, increase productivity and start collaborating. Our offices are ideal for local professionals, growing startups and established businesses.

Remember our work spaces are located in the same building as our range of high-quality furnished flats. Perfect for ditching that tiresome commute! 

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Why we’re a little bit different

POHA Office is about establishing a welcoming and vibrant community of innovators who network with each other, collaborate on projects, and establish business partnerships.

On top of this, we go the extra mile to inspire you, help you achieve your work goals and boost your wellbeing. 

This involves us providing a hugely positive office environment, organising curated events and activities, and offering quiet areas so you can do everything from practice pitches to meditate.

Community Access

Our Coworking option allows you to make use of our office space when you want. So, please come and join us to collaborate, grow and meet new friends.

  • 24/7 access to office space
  • Super comfy seating
  • Storage in kitchen
  • Unlimited superfast WIFI
  • Weekday access to the POHA Space

Community Office

Enjoy your own personal work area in an office shared with other residents. It’s the perfect combo of a permanent place to work and tonnes of collaborative potential.

  • 24/7 access to office space
  • Desk in shared office
  • Lockable cabinet and storage
  • Super comfy seating
  • Weekday access to the POHA Space

Private Office

Our offices are a fantastic choice if you want to be part of a vibrant community but also need your own private work space. Great for startups and established businesses.

  • 24/7 access to office space
  • Private office for 2–10 people
  • Lockable cabinet and storage
  • Customisable walls
  • Weekday access to the POHA Space

POHA Office perks

Enjoy a work space that delivers everything on your wish list and then a whole bunch more.

  • Range of flexible work options
  • Stylish, inspiring décor
  • Free superfast WIFI
  • Bookable meeting rooms for all
  • Community and wellbeing activities
  • Creative and tech-focused events
  • Active and sitting desks
  • Pitch, focus and meditation spaces
  • Hi-spec kitchen area with storage
  • 25% discount if you live in POHA House

Discover more about why
POHA House is so special

As well as offering inspiring work spaces to collaborate and grow in, we do so much more to help you live and work in a way that’s right for you and our amazing planet.