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7 popular restaurants in Münster

By Angela Gjorgjijoska

Münster isn’t just about its history and university – it’s also a hub for culinary coolness. For those looking to explore the foodie side of Münster, we from POHA House Münster have got you covered with a list of the top 7 restaurants. These places offer a blend of contemporary cuisine, a great vibe, and a fantastic culinary adventure. From local gems to international favourites, these 7 restaurants have all the cool factor you need.


Krawummel Münster

Ludgeri Str. 62, 48143 Münster

Cuisine: Modern European

Krawummel is all about modern vegan food, like no other place in Münster. The mix of local and international flavours creates an exciting menu that changes seasonally. The cool, industrial-style decor and cosy vibes make it a great spot for a laid-back evening with friends. 


Phoenicia Münster

Steinfurter Str. 37, 48149 Münster

Cuisine: Lebanese

Phoenicia Münster delivers an authentic Lebanese culinary experience in an elegant setting. Their dishes are bursting with rich flavours and aromatic spices, boasting an extensive selection of mezze and grilled specialties that are sure to impress. 


Orléans Münster

Weseler Str. 65, 48151 Münster

Cuisine: French

Orléans Münster invites you to explore the world of French cuisine. You can enjoy classic French dishes like Coq au Vin and Escargot here. The cosy atmosphere makes it a great place for a memorable dining experience.


El Flamenco Münster

Marktallee 9, 48165 Münster

Cuisine: Spanish

El Flamenco brings the lively vibes of Spain to Münster. We totally recommend the incredibly delicious tapas and paella. And, a real standout, especially for a chill night out, are the authentic live Flamenco evenings.


MERO BUDDHA Nepali Kitchen

Wolbecker Str. 31, 48151 Münster

Cuisine: Nepalese

MERO BUDDHA Nepali Kitchen serves up authentic Nepali cuisine. We found the Momos, Dal Bhat, and Tandoori dishes particularly tasty. The relaxed atmosphere, reasonable prices, and friendly service make Mero Buddha an excellent place to discover exotic flavors and enjoy a fantastic culinary evening



Warendorfer Str. 127, 48145 Münster

Cuisine: Italian

Palumbo Münster is a charming Italian spot in the heart of Münster. They serve up authentic Italian dishes, including the city’s best Carbonara pasta, tasty pizzas, and a range of antipasti. The cozy vibes make it ideal for a romantic night or a get-together with friends. They’ve also got an extensive wine list to top off your Italian culinary experience.


Umami Sushi – Grill Münster

Schiller Str. 27, 48155 Münster

Cuisine: Japanese, Grill

Umami Sushi – Grill is our top pick for sushi in Münster. They serve up freshly prepared sushi, sashimi, and grilled Japanese specialties like Teppanyaki. The fish quality and dish presentation are top-notch. The stylish, modern setting makes Umami a great spot for a special dinner or a celebration.


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7 popular restaurants in Münster

Angela Gjorgjijoska

23rd October 2023



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