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Top 7 Startups in Aachen

By Angela Gjorgjijoska

Aachen, as a rising innovation hub in Germany, is home to some pretty cool startups that offer attractive career opportunities for students and fresh graduates. In this article, we’ll introduce you to the 7 most well-known startups in Aachen and give you a sneak peek into what they’re up to and why they might catch the interest of young professionals and students.


E.GO Mobile AG

E.GO Mobile AG is a company that’s making waves in the electric vehicle industry. They create affordable electric cars and clever mobility solutions. It’s a cool place for recent grads, especially STEM grads from the renowned RWTH University, to get in on the action and work on cutting-edge tech that’s shaping the future of transportation.


Aixtron SE

Aixtron SE is a top player in the world of semiconductor technology. They make the machines that help create the latest computer chips. So why should young professionals be excited about it? Well, it’s a globally recognized company at the forefront of semiconductor tech. Young pros can gain valuable experience here and build their careers in a critical industry.


NevisQ GmbH

This startup is doing exciting things in the medical technology field. They design sensors and smart floor systems that can detect and prevent falls. They’ve even got a clever bed sensor that only alerts caregivers when there’s a real danger, avoiding false alarms.



If you’re into smart homes, ambiHome is the company for you. They’re the go-to choice for folks getting their smart home gear through builders, project developers, or electricians. They guide homeowners from the very beginning, starting with the first chat and tons of helpful materials. They’ve got the whole process covered, from planning to experienced electricians installing your gear.


VIER Cognesys

VIER Cognesys GmbH is a tech startup with a unique platform for understanding natural language. Their experienced team creates solutions that understand and work with language and text in different industries, like telecom, media, logistics, e-commerce, and insurance.


Gridhound GmbH

This tech startup is all about using smart solutions and AI to help with the transition to cleaner energy. They’re pushing the boundaries of the energy world by providing innovative customer services and cutting-edge technology. It’s all about making the electricity distribution network digital.



Anny is a startup from Aachen that’s shaping the future of booking management systems. They offer a complete solution for managing bookings, resources, and capacities. With Anny, businesses can easily set up their own booking platform for spaces, tables, equipment, services, and more.


Whether it’s in the world of electric mobility, medical tech, transportation, logistics, energy tech, or booking management – every startup’s got its own unique spin on things, and they’re giving young talents the chance to spread their wings in a fast-paced setting and shape the future. Besides the bunch of cool startups right here in Aachen, we at POHA House Aachen are also here to offer you some exciting opportunities for personal growth, networking, finding potential business partners, and connecting with like-minded folks. We’re not just about comfy furnished short-term living, shared flat rooms, and student apartments – we’ve also got vibrant office and coworking spaces, plus we throw regular events and hangouts into the mix.


Top 7 Startups in Aachen

Angela Gjorgjijoska

17th October 2023



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