Oct 06, 2020  /  Aachen

The future of living and working begins in Aachen

By Lea Mishra

At POHA House we create Cospaces for the way people want to live and work today and in the future.

Under one roof, we provide a range of high-quality furnished flats, flexible offices and community spaces that offer unrivalled comfort, eco-friendly design and an inspiring community.

Overall, our mission is to create spaces that improve people’s lives and enable them to achieve more together.

Today, our journey is beginning with an impressive listed building situated on the Theaterplatz in Aachen, Germany.

This central and historic building is POHA House Aachen. Renovations will commence as of today with the launching date set in 2022. Therefore with POHA House Aachen we will begin to provide our full offer:

POHA House – long-term private studios and shared apartments that deliver optimum comfort, make life easier and more fulfilling, and connect residents to each other and their city.

POHA Office – flexible work spaces that inspire, connect individuals and businesses. It is designed to be the perfect home-office combination that helps people achieve the work-life balance they want.

POHA Stay – homely short-stay flats that are perfect for business trips, settling into a new city, visiting family and friends, or exploring new places.

The reason why we decided to begin our pioneering journey in Aachen is because, as well as being our hometown, it’s a city that’s full of international people who either study a tech subject, work for a tech company or are part of a tech startup.

For us, these are exactly the people we imagine will benefit the most from our offer. Because unlike many other coliving and coworking schemes, we have made the creation of a sustainable, uber-connected and empowering community in each of our POHA Houses a key priority.


The future of living and working begins in Aachen

Lea Mishra

6th October 2020



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