Sep 06, 2021  /  Essen

POHA House Essen: Fostering a collaboration through Cospaces

By Miriam Barnhart

Single-use buildings are a thing of the past. With a pandemic in our present and very recent past, it has become apparent that people need a place to connect, and buildings need to be able to serve more than one purpose. As we see it, Cospaces are the future of living, working, and connection. Celebrating all the aspects of life that are in spaces that are designated to be whatever we want them to be. Whether you call the space home, are attending a get-together with friends, or are simply getting some work done on your passion project, Cospaces somehow make it possible to do it all in one place; to live, work and come together under one roof.

 The word “Co” in the Cospaces model not only applies to the product’s flexible community, but also to the idea of collaboration. As a Cospace operator, we are constantly thinking about the lives of our residents and how we can make cohabitation the best it can be both in the living spaces and the office. But beyond that, we believe that Cospaces are an enabler for business communities to thrive. The coffee served is from a local shop down the street, the artwork that lines the walls of the community space is a celebration of local creators. Maybe the community’s new plant start-up has an idea about how to use the space to teach people how to best care for their plants or grow their own lemon tree in their room. Whatever it is, collaboration happens when we bring our unique expertise and ideas together, and there is no better way for us to embrace that sentiment than by embracing the business community around us. Our first collaboration is happening right now at POHA House Essen (until 25.9.21) with artist Asad Raza showcasing his exhibition “Absorption.”

As POHA House prepares to enter the city of Essen, we want to join the already-thriving community of innovative businesses, find out how we can work with them, and ultimately collaborate on ideas about how to continue making Essen one of the best cities in Germany. To begin our journey down this path, we have created a mapping landscape of how POHA House Essen hopes to interact with the local business community. 



POHA House Essen: Fostering a collaboration through Cospaces

Miriam Barnhart

6th September 2021



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