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Why the world needs POHA

By Miriam Barnhart

Prior to the pandemic, articles were popping up everywhere using the term “loneliness epidemic” showcasing statistics that all argued the same thing: Young people are lonely. According to the data, millennials and Generation Z were found to be the most common victims of loneliness. But why is that? Unlike their parents and grandparents, these generations grew up with technology which has brought accessibility to opportunities and connection to more people than ever before.

Of course, online conveniences have made our lives infinitely easier. Booking doctors appointments or taxis, finding where the closest postbox is, or figuring out banking issues are all tasks that we do not miss performing pre-smartphone. But what about the other connections? The offline, real-life, spontaneously right-place right-time collisions with other humans that can often end in lifelong friendships or more? Especially since COVID-19 began, intentional connections seem less and less accessible.

But we need community. Throughout history we see patterns of people who have achieved more when collaborating with others. Designed to boost wellbeing and prevent isolation, our aim is for POHA House to connect people in the real world. Combining this with a housing and office solution that considers a person’s all-round needs is what we believe to be the future of living, and we are so excited to be part of it.

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Why the world needs POHA

Miriam Barnhart

6th April 2021

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