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Finding a home made easy: How the POHA App empowers their future residents

By Miriam Barnhart

We want to make something clear – POHA House is not a tech company. Maybe this is really obvious to you, POHA is a Cospaces operator and developer So what do we mean? In the early stages of creating POHA House, we decided that instead of trying to develop tech in-house, we would collaborate with external partners who are experts in their areas of innovative tech, allowing us to focus on what we really want to be good at: our product. Our spaces and experiences together make POHA House a vision of the future of what living will be.

The fact that we aren’t a tech company doesn’t mean that we don’t value technology. On the contrary, we integrate smart-tech into our product to ensure that our residents live the most convenient life ever. We are delighted to be working with Spike Global who has provided us with a completely customised platform to manage the entire resident journey from start to finish. The partnership marks the first time Spike’s platform is implemented in the German market. What makes this solution unique is that it puts residents in control of their housing options – from choosing the flat they’d like to move in, to the services they’d like to add on top. The Space Portal, as we call it, simplifies the process of moving into a POHA House, allowing potential residents to easily find the perfect flat, reserve it and digitally finalise the rental agreement.

In traditional housing, the industry has normalised the process of having many applicants  view the same flat and an opaque selection process. Alternatively at POHA House, interested residents can reserve the flat they want to move into entirely by themselves online. That’s the convenience of a hotel placed in the context of a long-term home. At our core we care about giving our residents that power of choice.  

Once they move in, the resident can download the POHA App, that will have their digital key to their flat, direct contact to the Community Team, and access to all the news about events, all in one place. Further, the app makes it easy for residents to chat with the rest of the community and even make events of their own, making it even easier than ever to make friendships that will last a lifetime. 

A core aspect of what POHA was founded on was the idea of community and collaboration. This value is not only for our residents, but also how we approach our business. We make it a habit to surround ourselves with partners who specialise in the things we don’t and have desires for long-term partnerships. Partnering together with an organisation such as Spike Global has allowed POHA to embrace technology without losing focus on what we are most skilled at – creating Cospaces that have a positive impact. 

Co-Founder and CEO of POHA House, Yianni Tsitouras, selected Spike Global for its track record in bringing residents and building managers together. “There is a massive shift in what we need in housing and what our homes should look and feel like. For instance, Coliving has developed into what we know as Cospaces, where people can connect in various settings. For POHA, we cared about having a software partner that is versatile and flexible and able to cover all our needs in one, easy-to-use tool for our team and residents. In a competitive marketplace, Spike continues to do all that without failing to look exceptionally cool.”

Jeremy Heath-Smith, CEO of Spike Global, explains: “Loneliness can be a big problem when living in a city, but both the Cospaces concept and our Spike Living software present innovative solutions to this problem. The Cospaces model offers shared spaces and shared experiences that aim to turn strangers into friends. Spike Living makes sure that the shared aspect of that lifestyle runs smoothly, avoiding friction between residents. It also helps people to get to know the neighbourhood beyond the walls of the apartment complex, by presenting residents with special offers and incentives from local businesses. We are looking forward to working with POHA House and supporting its expansion within Germany and beyond.”

If you’re an operator looking for industry-leading technology in Germany and beyond, let us know, hey@pohahouse.com



Finding a home made easy: How the POHA App empowers their future residents

Miriam Barnhart

3rd June 2022

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