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The 7 most famous fraternities in Aachen

By Angela Gjorgjijoska

Aachen, the place-to-be for students, known for the renowned RHTW Aachen, is home to some of the most traditional student fraternities in Germany. We introduce you to 7 Aachen fraternities that are popular among students. In addition to traditional student fraternities, modern projects like POHA House Aachen offer exciting opportunities for living, learning and networking. Besides furnished apartments and shared rooms for students, POHA offers its members workspaces, cool community areas and regular events.


K.D.St.-V. Franconia Aachen 

The mentioned group is a Catholic student association in Aachen. As a community of current and former students from various disciplines, they provide mutual support in their studies. Their focus extends beyond academic learning to encompass comprehensive personal and social development beyond the boundaries of their respective fields of study. Members nurture their friendships through a variety of events within their semester program, including excursions, lectures, parties, as well as traditional student gatherings such as pub nights.


Corps Montania zu Aachen

The Corps Montania is a student association. Since its founding in 1872, the association has provided students at RWTH Aachen with an active and lifelong community. As members of RWTH Aachen, they enable the members to make their lives outside of academia more attractive. The fraternity house on Lütticher Straße serves as a venue for vibrant and open exchange, as well as diverse events for members and guests.


Aachener Burschenschaft Alania

The Aachener Burschenschaft Alania was founded in 1876 and is located about a 15-minute walk from the Audimax at RWTH Aachen. Alania consists of students and alumni from various faculties. Mutual support in studies and the pursuit of a successful degree are high priorities for the community. In addition to academic endeavors, they organize lectures, seminars, and excursions, ensuring that communal celebrations are also part of the agenda. Sharing a beer in a sociable atmosphere completes the picture.


Corps Franconia Fribergensis

Founded in 1838, the Corps stands as a respected student organization promoting tolerance and a multi-generational community. Through a commitment to lifelong bonds, it encourages shared experiences, collective growth, and learning. Beyond academic education, the Corps provides valuable support, inviting individuals to be part of a community that fosters lasting connections.


Corps Palaeo-Teutonia

Founded in 1862, the Corps Palaeo-Teutonia is a student association that welcomes students from RWTH Aachen University and FH Aachen. The association places importance on strong friendships, shared studies, and diverse experiences. The transmission of values and traditions across generations supports members in their individual academic goals. Popular activities include sports, especially football, and communal cooking. Before exams, all events are suspended to allow everyone to prepare optimally.


K.St.V. Alania-Breslau

The K.St.V. Alania-Breslau was founded in Breslau in 1905 and re-established in Aachen in 1951. Organized within the Association of Catholic German Student Societies, Alania follows the principles of religion, science, and friendship. After completing their studies, members transition from the active body to the alumni association. In addition to regular meetings, there are diverse activities in the semester program, and communal life largely takes place at their house.


Corps Delta

The Delta Corps is an academic fraternity that promotes tolerance, democracy, and lifelong camaraderie. Self-organized meetings facilitate decision-making and personal development. Members remain connected throughout their lives, exchanging experiences and fostering a unique dialogue culture across generations, including freshmen, professors, and industry leaders.

The 7 most famous fraternities in Aachen

Angela Gjorgjijoska

18th December 2023



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