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How POHA House is giving home office a new meaning

By Miriam Barnhart

At POHA House, we are in the business of creating spaces that improve people’s lives and enable them to achieve more together. POHA Office in particular, is filled with flexible work spaces that inspire and connect individuals and businesses. It is designed to be the perfect home-office combination that helps people achieve the work-life balance they want, something that is now even more important than ever.

If 2020 has taught us anything, it is that we as the human race are adaptable. The pandemic has brought twists and turns into how we live, how we commute, how we spend time with friends, and definitely how we work. Over the course of the year, we have spent more time in our homes than we probably have in years, celebrating birthdays over Zoom, and exploring a new hobby or two. But the thing that has impacted us most of all is rediscovering what a work/life balance is when we both live and work in the same space. There are obvious benefits to working from home: no commute, no dress-code, and easy access to your favorite coffee mug. But as we have all found, there are also quite a few downsides: no obvious separation between work time and life time, endless distractions including laundry and dishes etc., and for many, feelings of loneliness. These distractions have pushed many to miss the office, nostalgic for the place they once had that set a mental barrier between them and everything that isn’t their work.

But what if we could bring together the benefits of both working from home and working in an office? Forgoing the commute while escaping to a distraction-free space filled with coffee and human connection? That is the vision behind POHA House. To bring living and working together under one roof. For our residents to be able to wake up in their fully furnished and serviced flat, go about their morning routine before heading downstairs to a workspace of comfy chairs, familiar faces, and space to think clearly. For lunch they can go upstairs in the community space to enjoy a meal, get some time to reset or connect with other residents before heading back down to work. It’s the kind of setup that one dreams about – all the benefits of home office with none of the things that take away from a good-day’s work. A model that could change the way we want to live in the future.

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How POHA House is giving home office a new meaning

Miriam Barnhart

17th November 2020

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