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How POHA House is reinventing real estate for millennials

By Lea Mishra

Did you know millennials will make up 75% of the global population by 2025?

These are 20 to 40-year-olds (something you or your employees may be) who are typically engaged with the sharing economy, prefer to spend their money on experiences than physical things, and want to live in comfortable, environmentally-friendly spaces, as well as access the best jobs, in the best cities.

Currently, though, there’s a huge problem. Traditional housing in Europe does not align with how millennials want to live or meet many of their needs.

On top of this, modern businesses who care about the wellbeing of their workers and have employees who frequently travel or work remotely are facing a couple of major issues too.

Namely, high costs and little flexibility when housing employees for relocations and work visits, and a distinct lack of workspaces that could help boost the wellness, creativity and productivity of their workforce.

So what’s the solution (and the future of living, working and having a great time)?

For us at POHA House (pronounced pow-wa), it’s without doubt our revolutionary Cospaces, which will offer all of the following and much more:

Super comfortable private and shared flats for long or short stays, which businesses can also use to house employees whenever they need to and at a normal rental rate.

Flexible workspaces that inspire and connect individuals and businesses, and which are carefully designed to enhance wellbeing.

Community spaces and events that bring people together and help them make the most of where they’re living or visiting (think events at hidden local gems rather than drinking at the hotel bar).

A fully digital experience that makes it incredibly easy to apply for a flat or workspace, pay bills, manage deliveries and take care of the small stuff.

A strong green ethos, with our Cospaces being designed to meet high sustainability levels and furnished with eco-friendly products.

So that’s us. POHA House. Connecting people by rethinking real estate.

How POHA House is reinventing real estate for millennials

Lea Mishra

12th February 2020

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