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How Cospaces are the Building Solution of the Future

By Lea Mishra

Von Meike Quiter – Animus / 12.01.2021

“You are not alone.” We have heard these words a lot in the past couple of months from family, political figures, and even in advertisements of our favourite brands. As people isolate across the world as the pandemic surges on, loneliness is at an all-time high, and we crave human connection.

I have challenged myself to understand the effect this has on us as a society, and create solutions for connectivity in our world today and our world after COVID-19. For me, connectivity is about connecting people with other people, places, and nature and about doing so in an increasingly digital, dis-connected world. Enter POHA House and our introduction of Cospaces, built on the foundations of collaboration, convenience, community and most importantly, people.

What are Cospaces?

Back in 2019, our team developed the concept of Cospaces at POHA House as spaces for people to live, work and come together under one roof: streamlining all aspects of life, celebrating spaces, experiences and connection. This is the future path for companies to bring connectivity to offices, residential housing, and neighbourhoods.

As mixed-use real estate takes the place of siloed or single-purpose buildings in the future, we will begin to see Cospaces popping up everywhere – properties accommodating offices, homes, retailers, all in one convenient location. With so much life happening inside, Cospaces will also be epicentres for smart technology – catering to the needs of all who call the space their own: innovation centred around focus, creativity, and collaboration. Included will be the use of user-focused apps as well as elements that increase productivity and wellbeing such as air-flow technology for optimal temperatures and smart lighting to increase focus and productivity.

Why should we care?

Working, sleeping, and living all in one place has the ability to connect us in a much more grounding way: building the community we want. One of the major benefits of the future of Cospaces is that it gives us the ability to collaborate, making things like sustainability a main goal.

By bringing multiple uses into one building, it is making life more convenient. This model offers home office benefits with none of the distractions, access to community and outdoor spaces, all the while eliminating the commute, and lessening the impact on the planet. This is the future, giving more access to connection-driven Cospaces for all, or what we like to call it, the space to be.

Connect with us to learn more about our spaces at pohahouse.com, or, join us on social on LinkedIn to follow along with our journey of creating sustainable yet cosy cospaces.

How Cospaces are the Building Solution of the Future

Lea Mishra

12th January 2021



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